October 8, 2022


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Roughcasting is a type of exterior finishing method where small pebbles or gravel are mixed into the concrete or plaster and applied as a finish to the external wall.

This dries to form a durable and rough finish that requires less maintenance. The roughcasting materials include sand, cement, pebbles, shells plaster, and lime.

You can create a new eye-catchy style by:

  • Using tiny seashells in place of sand
  • The sand or gravel is tinted or colour additives used to create a certain colour
  • Roughcast can be used to conceal poor workmanship
  • Throwing the roughcast is a durable and a better mode of application compared to troweling
  • It is a decorative feature that makes your property more attractive and requires low maintenance
  • It adds a layer of insulation making your building more energy-efficient

Weathering can cause the roughcasting to deteriorate. When water is trapped behind the render and it freezes, the render separates from the substrate. If your roughcasting starts to crack, you should remove the whole area and replace it with a new external finish

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